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IT Project Manager / Senior Project Manager

Hong Kong, , Hong KongTechnical

Job description

Want to work in a venture studio with boundless opportunities and future-crafting projects? Join Us!

Here we have a cluster of passionate and goal-oriented talents who strive for the acceleration of economies in the decentralized future. With extensive business networks, profound market insights and comprehensive capabilities in Digital Assets, Blockchain, Fintech and AI, we are inviting you to join our ambitious team to embark your bespoke venture journey and make a real impact with your expertise.

Who will love this job? Someone who:

  • Wants to realise future-crafting projects in the most hyped and prospective technology domain
  • Likes communicating between different parties, including clients, partners and different team members
  • Is willing to challenge themselves in a fast-paced environment
  • Happy to work in a flexible and dynamic team with strong bonding
  • Is not afraid of failure, and love to explore different possibilities

Your responsibilities 

  • Responsible for the process from project initiation to project delivery
  • Responsible for formulating and implementing the project development plan, including various work processes related to the project, to ensure completion time
  • Managing project planning, sorting out project and related team information
  • Formulating project goals, assisting in analysis, and confirming project requirements plans. Including overall project goals, stage goals, project functional requirements, and system functional framework, understanding and tracking of project non-functional requirements (performance indicators, reliability, safety, configurability, scalability, maintainability, Portability)
  • Use agile development and test team management (Scrum framework)
  • Understand the product design path, and assist related teams in product design & demand analysis
  • Supervise and track project plans, including status checking, communicating with different teams, reminding problems, giving risks to project stakeholders, participating in cross-team meetings and recording meeting minutes
  • Manage project deliverables, and the corresponding processes and stakeholders
  • Responsible for daily project management, tracking, communication, problem definition, management and resolution, change management, etc
  • Monitor and formulate the main milestones, overall quality and plan of the project, as well as related deliverables and version management
  • Provide regular reports on project status and activities, and synchronize progress with project stakeholders and even customers
  • Responsible for organizing the project team to write various project engineering documents and process documents in accordance with process requirements

Job requirements

  • 4+ years of experience in product development and IT-related project management
  • Familiar with the related process of software project management with solid understanding of SDLC
  • Familiar with various project management software and mainstream development technologies and frameworks
  • Familiar with agile development and test team management (Scrum framework)
  • Have strong document processing ability, learning ability, summarizing ability
  • Good communication skills, teamwork skills and business understanding skills.
  • Those with project management certificates and relevant project management experience are preferred
  • Technical knowledge/background is an advantage
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